Dedications & Donations
3.1  Dedications established in his name.

1) A bench in McCooks Park and 2) a decal on Niantic Boardwalk. McCook’s Park in
Niantic bear the insignia, In loving memory of Robin Abu S. Quazi.
 As a family, we
played on the swings, sleighed down the hill and fished off the rocks at McCook’s
Point.  In Abu’s memory, our family has dedicated a bench at McCook’s Point in his
honor.  My brother said one of the things he loved most in life was the boardwalk in
Niantic, so we have had a special engraved decal on the boardwalk with his name.

Abu is buried in Enfield, Ct, in the Islamic Cemetery.  It is located at 96 North Maple
Street, across from Agway's

In addition to this website,, Abu’s story, journal and guestbook
can be found at

For those that would like to contact the family directly, please contact Abu's brother,
Shakil at

3.2   Donations in his name.

My brother Abu gave all his life all his life; charity was in his heart from the
beginning.  As a teenager, he gave to LiveAid, a concert for famine relief in Ethiopia.
As a student he protecting citizens as a guardian angel and delivered bagels to the
homeless.  As he became more active in the local mosque, he gave a certain portion
of his income away charitably every year, in observation to the Almsgiving pillar of
Islam.  Giving philosophy proved an easy match for his good nature as he truly cared
in his heart for those who were less fortunate.

Abu's had relatives in Bangladesh, some of whom live in difficult conditions in rural
villages.  As the generational torch was being passed from his parents to the sons,
he began to take strong interest in helping 2 of his female cousins get an education.  
Future prospects for most less fortunate females in rural Bangladesh, aside of
marriage are quite dim, and Abu, quick to understand, was in the early stages of
taking action, prior to his fight with cancer.  I hope to pick up where he left off here
and teach this legacy to his only nephew, my son, Khalil.

For those who would like to donate in Abu's memory, there are a two tax-deductible
options, official U.S. registered 501c-3 charities:

1.  During his lifetime, Abu was always very concerned about the welfare
of others, especially of his relatives in Bangladesh with whom he maintained
frequent contact. Therefore, for those of you interested in making some kind of
monetary donation in Abu's memory, we have selected the Heifer Project as a charity
that helps poor around the world, including Bangladesh. We chose the Heifer Project
because they help the poor lift themselves out of poverty through ownership of
donated farm animals (instead of giving mere food handouts). And, recipients are
required to donate some of the future offspring to others in need in their community,
ensuring that as many people as possible benefit from donation. We think this is a
cause that Abu would have wanted supported in his memory.

2.  As difficult as it is for anyone to have cancer, it's especially difficult if
you are a child and have limited financial means. I know Abu would have cared about
these less fortunate children.  This is a small charity where small amounts go the
distance.  They are not national and serve 465 families in central New England. This
is clipped from the website:


For years, Why Me families have dreamed about having a special place, a home
dedicated to healing from childhood cancer.

Everything the Why Me organization has been able to do since 1985 to help children
and families with childhood cancer is now strengthened with the addition of Sherry’s
House.  Sherry’s House is a place where kids and their families from all over the
Central New England community can come and receive the support and
encouragement they need to fight childhood cancer, together.  It proudly serves as
Command Central in caring for our 465 existing Why Me families, providing them
with the social, emotional, logistical, educational, and financial support they need,
day in and day out, to overcome childhood cancer.

Sherry’s House provides no cost eight bedroom lodging for child cancer patients,
their families and caregivers, throughout the cancer treatment process.  Families
whose child is receiving their treatment at any Massachusetts hospital come from all
over the United States, as well as, Puerto Rico & Canada to stay at Sherry's House.  
In addition, Sherry’s House is home to Child and Family Activities and Events: Family
Fun Events, social visits, celebrations, mentoring and survivorship programs.  It
houses our volunteer programs, Cancer Resource and Research Center, the
Children’s Learning Center, and the organizational home of Why Me.

Sherry’s House is our greatest asset in helping comfort and care for children and
families, throughout the treatment process and well beyond, greatly increasing our
capacity to serve.

ABU S. QUAZI ********

The donation link is this:

or if you prefer to mail a check:

Why Me
1152 Pleasant Street
Worcester, MA 01602
Phone: (508) 757-7734
Fax: (508) 756-5119

3.  Please note that the donations on the website:


go to their website upkeep.  It is the family's preference that if you are kind enough to
donate to pursue the donations listed above.