Abu was a solidly good natured, kind and gentle person, who touched
everyone he met. He still is my only brother and my parents eldest son. It's
consensus to describe him as completely altruistic selfless person from the
onset of life, to when he passed at the early age of 40.  He lived his life a
minimalist, with very few material possessions, what mattered to him most
were people close to him and the friendships he maintained.  My cousin Adib
was there in his last days when he was asked the question by the nurse, 'what
are your 3 favorite things in life?'  Adib told me his response was 1) staying in
touch, emailing friends, relatives 2) the boardwalk in Niantic, Ct and 3) the
movies, his lifelong career and passion. What mattered most to my brother
was to see how you were doing, saying hello to his coworkers, staying in touch
with all our relatives/friends via email, expressing interest with genuine
sincerity and concern.  If you knew my brother, your life was indeed better off.

Message from the family.

Our family would like to thank all those close friends and our extended family
that expressed sympathy, love and supported us in our time of need. This is to
acknowledge everyone who stayed up endless nights with Abu, visited him in
the hospital or at home during in his course of illness, drove the family
around, left messages of concern, signed the guestbook - visiting the website,
made donations, sent flowers, plants or fruit baskets, brought food, sent cards
or gifts, or paid their respects at the wake, funeral, memorial service or our
visited our home to show support.

The family would like to extend its thank you to Dr. Slater, Dr. Rasool, the
tireless nurses and staff at the Oncology Department at William W. Backus
Hospital; Abu came to know many of his medical care caretakers and always
held them in high regard with his sincerity and appreciation.

As Abu developed a strong fellowship at the ICNL mosque in Groton, Ct.  To his
fellow muslim brothers and sisters, many of whom supported him throughout
his bout with cancer, who helped arranged the wake, funeral and prayer
services in both mosques in Groton and Berlin, Ct., our family offers its
eternal gratitude.

Abu truly touched many people in his short life and our family is grateful to
each person who help us all along the way. Thank you all for honoring the life
of Robin Abu Sohrab Quazi.  Abu may be gone, but he will never ever be
forgotten.  We will love him forever.

                                  Father, Abu, Shakil, Mother, in 1973
Robin Abu S. Quazi
July 14, 1968 - January 13, 2009